Transgender Transition Coach
Could your transition benefit from
  • A welcoming and celebratory coach
  • Acquiring a new vocal pitch
  • Learning gender-specific communication patterns
  • Developing nonverbal behaviors that match your affirmed gender
  • Creating a new personal style
Would your transition benefit from
  • Personal one-on-one sessions 
  • Videos teaching femme stance and walking
  • Referrals to welcoming hair stylists
  • Wardrobe advice
  • Make-up advice
  • Private nonverbal practice sessions 
Doctors prescribe hormones, mental health professionals supply guidance and support, but who provides tips and guidance on the essential verbal and nonverbal behavior changes that characterize your affirmed gender?
- Chrystal

Walking Femme

A new video teaching stance, posture and walking for MtF clients.

Wonderfully organized … perfectly paced. … Sure to reassure anyone feeling anxious.

- Lynn, former client

Amazing resource…. warm professional… training on feminine stride and standing.

- K. Waters, MA CCC-SLP

Very well done.  Informative and light-hearted in an engaging way.

- Co-facilitator, Transforming Families NC,a program of the LGBTQ Center of Durham