About Me

I began transgender transition coaching by informally helping out a pal at work preparing to live IRL for a year before surgery. Her social worker was so impressed by the results she sent other clients over the years. Today, I receive referrals from endocrinologists, GPs, social workers, Kimball Sargent, the professionals at Duke’s Child and Adolescent Gender Care, former clients and other professionals who work within the community.

My success stories range from an international head of research for a Fortune 500 company to IT professionals, college students and a 30-year military retiree who just won a city-wide mature beauty contest at her new place of residence.

I’ve worked successfully with MtF and FtM transgender clients whose goal is to more accurately embody who they really are. My services include, but are not limited to: vocal coaching and non-verbal coaching, which covers everything from body language to attire, hair and make-up consultation, where applicable.

My clients range in age from youth to adult to seniors. Some take hormones; some do not, others may be pre- or post –op or not contemplating surgery at all. Even those taking puberty blockers can benefit from vocal and non-verbal work. Parents may be comforted to know I can pass a background check! Wherever you are on your journey, results are possible. I welcome minors and their families as a group at initial sessions to ensure all are comfortable.

My credentials include a B.A. in Communication, an M.A. in Public Relations and a membership with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. I have 20+ years of on-air broadcast and voiceover experience, coupled with decades of speech training for everything from losing regional accents to public speaking, media relations and transgender transition coaching.

Example of Chrystal's Vocal Work

by Chrystal Bartlett