About Walking Femme

This is an amazing resource for evidence-based practice training on feminine stride and standing mannerisms. I appreciated the warm professional way the instructor presented the information.

K. Waters


So wonderfully organized. The message is laid out clearly and articulately with reinforcement of key points wherever needed. It is paced slowly enough for a person to take notes and really absorb the material. Nicely humorous, relatable, no elaborate equipment is needed to accomplish the goals.


Former Client

Very well done.  Informative and light-hearted in an engaging way.

- Co-facilitator, Transforming Families NC,a program of the LGBTQ Center of Durham

I like this video because it is well paced and includes helpful demonstrations and techniques.
- Shelly Gilmore, LCSW

Hi. This is my gender coach, Chrystal Bartlett. She is absolutely terrific and has helped me in incalculable ways. If you know anyone who could use this sort of assistance, she’s the person to go to, bar none. She has my most admiring recommendation.


Chrystal was invited to speak to a support group that I hold for pre- and early-transitioning transfemales.  She was extremely professional, well prepared and energetic! She was very helpful in providing tips on voice feminization, but also on body positioning, gestures and other movements that were very interesting!
Gender Therapist


Gosh, I wish I’d found you sooner. It would have made a lot of things easier in the beginning.

IT Professional

My teen has only had a couple of meetings with Chrystal but has found her voice exercises and guidance invaluable in starting a new chapter in her life as she starts high school. She looks forward to her next meeting with Chrystal!


As a socially anxious person, when I finally found the courage to contact Chrystal for voice coaching I found someone who wasn’t only a superb communicator with vast expertise in her work, but also whose energetic kindness helped me overcome my nerves within minutes of meeting her. Finding my voice with her isn’t just effective, it’s a joy!

Reporter and Writer

I like that there is no judgment. Chrystal is very approachable and easy to work with. She sets very manageable goals and her in-home recording studio is a great asset.

IT student and chef

As a gender specialist, it is very important to me to respect and maintain the comfort and privacy of the individuals I work with. Chrystal was kind enough to come to Wilmington to speak with my adult TG support groups and she indeed facilitated this as she provided these individuals with unconditional acceptance, helpful tips, and a warm approachability. I have received wonderful feedback from both my group members and clients and am thankful she is here in NC to provide this service.
Nova Swanstrom, MA, LPA

Psychologist @ Delta Behavioral Health in Wilmington

I was very nervous my first few sessions. Chrystal focused in on one or two goals at a time to keep things manageable and encouraged me to push through some of that initial anxiety. She didn’t just improve my presentation and my voice; she improved my self-confidence as well.

Traffic Specialist

I initially went for a session with Chrystal to work on my voice pitch. She showed me that I was not far off and provided tips on how to improve. Tips went beyond the verbal to include subtle body language. This helped me tremendously.

IT worker

From Parents

Chrystal was so helpful in assisting my teenage daughter. her humor, professionalism and kindness was incorporated into her consultations, and her lessons “stuck” with a teenager!  I consider my family lucky to have worked with her.


Chrystal was very helpful and welcoming. The classes she taught helped increase my teen’s self-confidence and overall emotional well-being. Thanks for your help.